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Railfan Photo Line - March 2010

Railfan Photo Line welcomes your submissions. We're looking for a themed topic (and "theme" can be interpreted fairly broadly) with five to eight photos. Each photo should be no smaller than 14 inches (or 1024 pixels) across at 72 dpi (no verticals, please). Brief caption information must accompany each photo. The best way to submit Photo Line candidates is via e-mail with "Photo Line" in the subject line and no more than two photos attached per e-mail. Please send your submissions to Editor Steve Barry for consideration.

Welcome to Photo Line! While classic "cab units" have been gone from most railroads for many years (with the notable exception Metro-North's fleet of FL9s until early 2009) a handful have been restored by historical societies, museums and tourist railroads. Some have been restored to their original paint scheme, some wear the paint of their current operator, and some even wear the colors of a railroad they never actually worked for! In the northeastern United States, there is still a rainbow of cab units for fans to seek out. —Photos by Steve Barry

"Lehigh Valley" F7's at Cold Spring Village, New Jersey

"Lehigh Valley" F7's at Cold Spring Village, New Jersey

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey owns several cab units, including a pair of former Chicago & North Western F7s now wearing Lehigh Valley paint. Following a set of fan trips in northern New Jersey, the two have found a home on Cape May Seashore Lines deep in the southern part of the state, seen here on a November 2003 fantrip. The former Woodbine Junction tower now stands at Cold Spring Village just north of Cape May.

"Jersey Central" F3's at Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania

"Jersey Central" F3's at Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania

A pair of former Bangor & Aroostook F3s were painted into the colors of the Jersey Central by the Tri-State Railway Historical Society and the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society. The pair operated out of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, for a few years and even did a stint in freight service on the Southern Railroad of New Jersey. Today they are located at Steamtown National Historic Site. They are seen here at Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, while operating for Rail Tours.

Amtrak at Del Mar, Califor"Lackawanna" E8's near Scranton, Pennsylvaniania

"Lackawanna" E8's near Scranton, Pennsylvania

The Central New York Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society painted former Pennsylvania Railroad E8A No. 5761A into the colors of Delaware, Lackawanna & Western No. 807. It travelled over the Delaware & Hudson's former Lackawanna mainline near Scranton, Pennsylvania, during the 1998 NRHS Convention.

Erie 833 at Cresco, Pennsylvania

Erie 833 at Cresco, Pennsylvania

New York & Greenwood Lake has restored Erie E8A No. 803 into its original colors. This former Erie unit survived into the Conrail era, where it served for a number of years hauling the company business train as 4022. The locomotive is seen passing the former Lackawanna depot at Cresco, Pennsylvania, on November 11, 2007.

Maine Eastern FL9's at Thomaston, Maine

Maine Eastern FL9's at Thomaston, Maine

Maine Eastern operates former New Haven FL9s on its scenic line on a former Maine Central branch along the rocky coast of the Pine Tree State. Parent Morristown & Erie acquired a handful of FL9s from Amtrak and assigned them to the Maine Eastern's seasonal excursion service. At Thomaston No. 488 steps lightly through front yards and back yards on October 4, 2008.


"New York Central" FL9's at Roa Hook, New York

"New York Central" FL9's at Roa Hook, New York

Although the New York Central never owned any FL9s, they make a good stand-in for the lightning-striped icons. In 1999, Metro-North painted a pair of FL9s into New York Central colors to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Hudson River Railroad. After only a small handful of excursions, the pair were split up and retired, with one going to the Danbury Railway Museum in Connecticut and the other stored unservicable at Harmon Shop.


Amtrak at Del Mar, CNew York & Lake Erie FPA4's at Dayton, New Yorkalifornia

New York & Lake Erie FPA4's at Dayton, New York

The New York & Lake Erie has a pair of ex-VIA FPA4s painted in an Erie-inspired scheme. The railroad operates seasonal passenger excursions about an hour south of Buffalo during the summer months. No. 6764 heads through Dayton, New York, on June 28, 2009.


Pennsylvania Railroad E8's at McElhatten, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Railroad E8's at McElhatten, Pennsylvania

Juniata Terminal has restored Pennsylvania Railroad E8A's Nos. 5809 and 5711 into their keystone splendor. The pair have powered trips all over the east, operating over Norfolk Southern and many other lines. At McElhatten, Pennsylvania, they passed under a set of former Pennsy position signals on October 14, 2006.


Reading 903 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Reading 903 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

The Lancaster and Philadelphia chapters of the National Railway Historical Society purchased and restored Reading Company FP7A's Nos. 902 and 903 for excursion service. After operating successful fantrips over SEPTA out of Philadelphia and over the former Wilmington & Northern branch, the two briefly went to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (where they are pictured here on July 3, 2009) before heading to Steamtown National Historic Site.



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