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Welcome to Railfan & Railroad's free listing of new books, calendars, videos and other railfan-related items. Use the contact information supplied to learn more about these great new products! Looking for model railroad product listings?

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Dan Rand Publishing :: Other Railroading Products :: Books

The Next Stop is Rangeley

MSRP: $54.00

The Next Stop is Rangeley, by Guy Rioux, is the first release of a new book series, The Franklin County Narrow Gauges. This 312 page, hardcover book focuses on Maine's two-foot gauge Phillips & Rangeley Railroad and also includes the histories of the two-foot gauge Madrid and Eustis railroads, which were built by the Phillips & Rangeley. The book covers the operations of all three railroads from 1889 to 1908 and includes first hand accounts of the rail-road, 13 previously unpublished maps and G.P.S. coordinates to provide readers with the opportunity to explore various locations throughout Franklin County related to the history of the Phillips & Rangeley Railroad. The book is priced at $54.00, with all profits being donated to local high schools and historical societies.
Dan Rand Publishing :: 57 Winchester St., Boston, MA 02116
Contact by Email :: (603) 767-5426


Mid-America Video :: Other Railroading Products :: Videos/DVDs

7 All-New ILLINOIS CENTRAL "Sunset Series" DVDs

MSRP: $9.95

Mid-America Video announces 7 all-new, very affordable one hour DVDs in our Illinois Central "Sunset Series" that cover a wide variety of early 1990s IC action. Just go to YouTube, type in Illinois Central Sunset Series then kick back and watch a 5 minute preview for each DVD: * Big Markham "B" Yard Changes + Homewood Action (1990-93) * 1990 Santa Claus Train; Homewood Dispatchers; N. IL Action (1990-92) * 1991 & 1992 Santa Claus Train (1991-92) * Rantoul; Herscher & Markham Yard at Night (1991-93) * IC in Central Illinois (1991-92) * Busy Illinois Main Line Action (1991-92) * IC in Southern IL; Car 1; Markham Local (1991-93) These new one hour DVDs feature improved video editing. And for your convenience, scene location titles are included - no more guessing where the video was filmed. All videography was performed by Tom Biscan using the high-quality Hi-8 video format with crisp, Hi-Fi stereo sound. Order from our webiste or on Ebay. Prices include shipping and handling.
Mid-America Video :: 25004 Cashel Bay Road, Manhattan, IL 60442
Contact by Email :: (815) 651-0131


Voyageur Press :: Other Railroading Products :: Books


MSRP: $40.00 (Catalog No. 9780760344880)

The history of railroading in North America is as much a story of boardroom intrigue as it is a story of the brute force that stamped thousands of miles of train track across a rugged continent. Today's nine U.S. and Canadian Class I railroads are the result of well over a century of convoluted bankruptcies, mergers, acquisitions, and expansions. North American Railroad Family Trees marks the first time in book form that this major aspect of railroad history has been presented in a clear, graphic format, helping the railfan make sense of the many smaller train lines that shaped North American rail as it is today. In these pages, renowned rail author Brian Solomon takes a visual and chronological approach, presenting 50 "family trees" in the style of human lineages. The story begins with the railroads of the "Golden Age" (1890-1930), continuing through the second wave of consolidations between the World Wars, the merger mania of the 1950s through the 1970s, the creation of major passenger networks, and the megamergers of the last three decades that have left railroading close to its current incarnation.
Voyageur Press :: 400 First Avenue North Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Contact by Email :: (612) 344-8156


Yard Goat Images :: Other Railroading Products :: Videos/DVDs

The Return of Milwaukee Road 261

MSRP: $24.95 (Catalog No. 1314)

Milwaukee Road 261 is a coal-burning 4-8-4 steam locomotive, built in 1944 during World War II by the American Locomotive Company. It retired in 1954 after a somewhat brief career and went to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In 1991, the Museum and a group which later became the Friends of the 261 agreed to a lease agreement to restore and operate it from a base in Minneapolis. 261 performed amazingly well, and logged over 25,000 miles during its first 15 years of excursion service from late 1993 through late 2008. After some rocky negotiations regarding a new 15 year lease, the museum eventually agreed to sell the locomotive to the Friends. Three years after the sale, the locomotive had been extensively rebuilt and operated its first excursion on a very blustery weekend in May, 2013. This highly anticipated trip took riders from Minneapolis to Duluth, Minnesota on Saturday, and returned to the Twin Cities on Sunday.
Yard Goat Images :: 112 3rd AV NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Contact by Email :: (612) 623-0167


Yard Goat Images :: Other Railroading Products :: Videos/DVDs

Cass: Railfan Weekend

MSRP: $24.95 (Catalog No. 1318)

The Cass Scenic Railroad has deep roots. The West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company began harvesting the red spruce and eastern hardwood trees in the early 1900's. A logging railroad was built into the forested mountains to bring the timber to the company town of Cass, where housing for workers, a commissary for provisions, a school, and even religious facilities were provided. Tracks to the timber were laid on grades up to 9% with switchbacks to achieve elevation. After 60 years of operation, the company closed the mill, the town, and the railroad in June, 1960. The railroad was sold to a scrap dealer. Thanks to the actions of railfans and local communities, the railroad was saved for tourism and became Cass State Park in 1963. In addition to the state of West Virginia, today's Cass Scenic Railroad is supported by the Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association, which sponsors the annual Railfan Weekend each year. Railfans armed with a vast array of camera equipment and rugged clothing descend on this remarkable mountain railroad. Our program documents the three-day 2013 Railfan Weekend, which marked the 50th anniversary of the Cass Scenic Railroad.
Yard Goat Images :: 112 3rd AV NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Contact by Email :: (612) 623-0167


Yard Goat Images :: Other Railroading Products :: Other

Can't You Hear the Whistle Blowing? (Audio CD)

MSRP: $15.00 (Catalog No. 1320)

I'm a videographer, but just as fussy about the sound as I am with image quality. I've always invested in good microphones, and I try to avoid locations where other noise interferes with our subject, the steam locomotive. A great deal of time going through my recording files has resulted in this collection of 29 steam locomotive tracks that should be appealing to not only steam aficionados but to anyone who appreciates the sound of railroading. The Locomotives: Black Hills Central #110 * Canadian National #3254 * Durango & Silverton #473 * Laona & Northern #4 * Milwaukee Road #261 * Nickel Plate #765 * Reading & Northern #425 * Cass Shays #5, 6, 11 * Soo Line #1003, Soo Line #2719 * Southern #401 * Strasburg Rail Road #89 * Union Pacific #844 * Union Pacific #3985 * Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington #10 I hope you enjoy these sounds. I recommend a comfy chair, eyes closed, smile on face. Approximately 75 minutes on 29 Audio Tracks
Yard Goat Images :: 112 3rd AV NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Contact by Email :: (612) 623-0167


Yard Goat Images :: Other Railroading Products :: Videos/DVDs

California Steam Stories

MSRP: $24.95 (Catalog No. 1401)

California has a rich railroad history. We present 3 sites which preserve and operate unique pieces of California rail history. Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad - (Felton) Big Trees Ranch was founded in 1867 in order to preserve a large area of redwood forest from logging. The railroad began operating in 1963, and runs 3.25 miles on steep grades to the top of Bear Mountain. Passengers ride through a canopy of giant redwoods pulled by Shay, Heisler and Climax geared locomotives. We captured our footage during the annual Civil War encampment when the railroad operated all trains in two sections featuring Shay Dixiana and Heisler Tuolumne. Billy Jones Railroad - (Los Gatos) Our program features #2, a Grand Scale locomotive built in 1905 for the Venice Railway in Venice Beach. In 1939, railroad man Billy Jones discovered #2 in a scrap pile and bought it. After restoring the 2-6-2, he built a railroad to run it on. Following his death, the railroad was rebuilt in a nearby public park. Railtown 1897 State Historic Park - (Jamestown) Operates over part of the Sierra Railway at Jamestown, also the site of the historic Sierra Railway Shops and Roundhouse.
Yard Goat Images :: 112 3rd AV NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413
Contact by Email :: (612) 623-0167


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