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FEBRUARY 2017: Follow photographer Nick Benson as he chases snow plow trains across the frozen Upper Midwest. We spend time on busy Santa Susana Pass in California, then head to Texas to visit the BNSF line in the Red River Valley. Frank Keller shares his strategy to photograph Alaska Railroad freights. All this and more in the February issue of Railfan & Railroad!

Railfan & Railroad - February 2017

VOLUME 36, No. 2

This Month's Features

Plow Extra • by Nick Benson

Snow storms can close railroads and delay freights until specialized equipment ranging from wedge plows to rotaries are called in.

Red River Railroading • by Steve Schmollinger

This 24-mile stretch of former Santa Fe mainline on the border between Texas and Oklahoma is home to a variety of modern mixed traffic.

Northern Freight • by Frank Keller

The rugged scenery and challenging weather conditions provide dramatic backdrops for Alaska Railroad freight between Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Santa Susana Pass • by Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez

This scenic California mountain pass is the gateway for freight and passenger trains headed to and from Los Angeles.


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Railfan & RailroadAn Alco Cooke rotary, built in 1925 as Northern Pacifc No. 41, put on quite a show until its blades suffered a catastrophic failure in Stockholm, S.D., on the BNSF Watertown Subdivision on February 8, 2011. The line had multiple drifts over 15 feet tall and required a few days to clear. Nick Benson takes us snowfighting with plows of many styles beginning on page 28. PHOTO BY NICK BENSON

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